Elohim Eloha

He is a *very* effeminite elf.


Height: 6’3 Weight: 150 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Alignment: Chaotic Good

Level: 1 Wiz Exp: 0

STR: 13 (+1) Attack Base: 0 DEX: 12 (+1) Melee/Range/Grapple: +1/+1/+1 CON: 14 (+2) Fortitude/Reflex/Will: +2/+1/+2 INT: 17 (+3) HP: 6 Enc: 150lbs WIS: 10 (+0) AC: 11 Spd: 30 ft CHA: 8 (-1) Init: +1

Familiar: Toad

Ranked Skills: Concentration: 6 Heal: 1 Intimidate: 1 Listen: 3 Ride: 2 Search: 5 Spellcraft: 5 Spot: 3 Survival: 1

Feats: Combat Casting Elven Weapon Proficiency Scribe Scroll Wizard Weapon Proficiency

Spell Specialization: Conjuration Forbidded: Illusion, Enchantment Spell Book: Chill Touch Mage Armor Mount Shield Shocking Grasp True Strike

Weapon: Longsword: 1d8+1 19-20/x2 Unarmed: 1d3+1 20/x2


Elohim’s father wanted him to be a military man like the long line of his ancestors serving in the guard. Aggression and masculinity was the forefront of his rearing. And yet, he was never really satisfied with simply being physical. He found in his childhood years that he had an affinity for magic. This remained in the back of his mind for many years while he served under his father. When the time came for him to leave to join training with the guard, he sneaked off and signed up for the local magic academy.

Despite yearning for magic, he still approached the skill with the same aggressive attitude he had been raised with. He hated when he was taught to create illusions to hide himself among or enchanting people. He preferred to be right there in the thick of it. Taking the hits from brutal opponents, but burning or shocking them with his touch.

Elohim Eloha

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