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The Wizard’s guild is a losely connected group of wizards. Dul Jhaar is the central chapter of the wizards guild. Yet, every major city has a local chapter house. In Dul Jhaar the guild is lead by Hazza, the Chief Envoker. He is supported in this with the help of Bardaisan, the Chief Librarian, and Qardagh, the Great Experimenter.

About a year ago, sudden war broke tore through the Southlands. The chapter house in Dul Jhaar sent aid to the southern cities. Hazza, Qardagh, and twenty minor wizards left the city and rode south. They left the Chapter house under the control of Bardaisan, the Chief Librarian. Bardaisan accepted this role, because he saw that it was necessary. However, he is rather bookish and has little interest in administration. Hazza’s protoge, Batriq, has taken over many of the day to day affairs of the Guild.

In previous times, many wizards visited Dul Jhaar. Now, every city is filled with novices with scarcely anyone to teach them. Much of what Miles Fortunae has learned has been from Batriq. He is a good teacher, but Miles can tell that his teacher is barely ahead of him in his studies. Elohim’s situation is much different. Bardaisan has grudgingly agreed to teach him. Yet, Elohim is quite aware that the training that Bardaisaan is giving was learned in books and not in the field of battle.

Main Page

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