For the last 300 years, The city of Dul Jhaar has been at peace with her neighbors. Three Hundred years ago the city was in ruins. Slowly, the city grew back to its former glory. For the last twenty years, Dul Jhaar’s population has been burgeoning. Recently many members of the City Guard were called south to help fight off an army of Orcs and Goblins. The remaining guards are too few to keep the peace in Dul Jhaar. Now, Ishodad, Elias, and Babai, the city’s three oligarchs, have offered financial incentive to the Mage’s Guild and to the Temple of the Shinning Sun in exchange for help in maintaining the city’s peace.

In times past, the wizards guild was primarily a school for youngsters showing promise in the magical arts. It’s secondary purpose was a forum for exchanging ideas and artifacts. Some long time members affectionately call it the “magic co-op.” Now, the walls of the foyer are filled with job offers for would-be adventures and bounties for local troublemakers.

The Turning of an Age

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